Latvian banks

Latvian banks have already established stable reputation in global banking society. Latvian banking sector has one of the leading roles in the economy of Latvia. Open-minded attitude towards foreign clients and overall comfort of operating accounts are main reasons why banks of Latvia gained extreme popularity among non-resident clients. In addition to the before said reasons, the following factors have contributed to the unparalleled convenience of holding a bank account at the Latvian bank:

  • Acceptance of worldwide clients for both offshore and onshore companies. Compliance desks work in full accordance to the AML regulations. International Know Your Client standards are aimed to protect clients' interests. Clear nature of transactions and understandable activity of the company are the key factors for successful account opening, rather than origin of the client or registration address of the company.
  • Fast account set-up. It has been noted, that Latvian banks usually open corporate accounts for non-residents much faster than other EU and offshore banks. This certainly presents a great advantage to entrepreneurs who are in need to launch the business asap.
  • Lower transaction and administration fees. The rates for transactions certainly made major contribution for the popularity of the Latvian banks. Internet-banking is either free of charge or included to the monthly administration.
  • Multi-currency accounts. There is no need to open separate account for each currency. Money is held on your account in a currency, in which it was paid in. And you will choose yourself when and how to convert the currency. Almost all currency payments are executed on the same day with no additional charges.
  • Advanced internet banking. Almost all banking services and communication can be managed through modern, easy-to-use and highly secure interface, available as well in English and Russian. The systems are supported by all latest browsers versions. And all banks have smart phones applications.

Latvia has 27 banks. The banking sector is mainly presented by the branches of Scandinavian banks and domestic banks. Local banks go totally in line with Scandinavian banks in terms of ranking and profit. There are hardly similar banks in the world that can offer as efficient gateway between Western and Eastern Europe as Latvian banks.


  • Remote bank account opening at Latvian banks
  • Prepare company and client profile to suite requirements of the bank
  • Set-up merchant account for online businesses
  • Open bank account at Latvian banks for both Latvian, European and offshore company

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