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  1. What is merchant account?

    By all means selling online gives exciting benefits, such as exposure to worldwide audience, saving administration costs, and many more. If you conduct your business on...

  2. Offshore bank account

    Bank account is the most important thing

    It has become totally clear that the most important thing for the company is its bank account. Bank account opening is the hardest stage in the company registration...

  3. Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

    Did you know that they know? About Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

    Welcome to the new era for international tax planning! Bank secrecy is dead. Your local tax authority doesn’t even have to ask anymore to send information on your...


  1. Company in Bulgaria

    Company in Bulgaria: easy set-up, VAT and bank account

    Bulgaria is EU member since 2007. Bulgaria features the lowest Corporate Income Tax rate in the European Union 10%. After Cyprus raised up its income tax flat rate to...


  1. Why register Canadian Limited Partnership?

    Introducing Canada. Why register Canadian Limited Partnership?

    Reputable jurisdiction When we say “reputable” or “white-listed” jurisdiction, what exactly do we mean? No additional tax must be withdrawn when making payments from...

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