Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is ideal location for a company trading throughout Asia or with People Republic of China. Hong Kong operates on territorial taxation principal, i.e. taxes are not imposed if the Hong Kong company does not trade in Hong Kong (doesn’t have any Hong Kong based suppliers or clients), does not have a physical office in Hong Kong (although a virtual office can be featured) and does not have local employees.  

The company though may freely have a Hong Kong bank account and Hong-Kong director and secretary – and still enjoy a tax free status.  

What are the opportunities?

  • 0% Corporate income tax 
  • No tax on dividends and capital gains
  • No withholding tax
  • Open bank account in Hong Kong


Ready-made company*
with Apostilled documents,
registered address & secretary

Bank account set-up  see fees
Directors & shareholder
with apostilled Power of Attorney 
Courier $150
apply now!


Annual renewal, annual return,  
registered address & secretary
Director & Shareholder services
With Apostilled Power of Attorney
Annual  financial report fees vary
Courier $150
apply now!

*new company registration available

Ask more about

Hong Kong bank account opening procedure

Hong Kong bank account coupled with Hong Kong company is neat tax free decision for your business. Bank account opening procedure requires personal visit to Hong Kong. Contact us for details.

Hong Kong Forrex Trade and financial license

If you require forrex, brokerage or other financial license for your business, contact us for details.

Virtual office package

Substance has never been more essential. We offer Virtual Office packages that correspond to 21st century requirements, including web site and e-mails set-up and hosting, correspondence address, mail forwarding and telephone answering service.  Contact for fee proposal.

Choosing bank account

It is possible to open corporate bank account without personal visit at banks of Latvia, Cyprus, Austria and others. With personal visit bank account bank account introduction services are available at banks of Hong Kong and Singapore. Ask for details.

  • Although Hong Kong is not considered to be a Tax Haven, it grants all the advantages a tax-free jurisdiction can give.
    Taxation in Hong Kong

    Although Hong Kong is not considered to be a Tax Haven, it grants all the advantages a tax-free jurisdiction can give.

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