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We will help you register an offshore company or set-up a company in EU. We will tell you how to open bank account for an offshore or European company. We will share the secrets of structuring trading companies with EU VAT number. We will share the knowledge of most successful trading, holding and royalty structures. We will tell about contemporary rules of taxation and tax optimization.

Introducing Canada. Why register Canadian Limited Partnership?

Canadian Limited Partnerships is a simple form of business registration in Canada, which creates a Canadian business entity and does not generate filing and tax obligations in Canada for partners, who are not residents of Canada. Partnership in Canada can be structured so it is not liable for Canadian taxation. It is formed by two or more corporate (or private) persons entering into a partnership agreement, for the carrying business for profit. There are no restrictions on the jurisdiction of the partners. Canada does have equivalent of VAT - Goods and Services Tax (GST). But the Canadian company would apply GST only if it renders services in Canada and only if such services are provided to another Canadian company. Because the location is outside Europe, than EU VAT rules do not apply. All operations with a Canadian entity are considered import /export and are VAT free. For Canadian Limited Partnerships, which Partners reside or are incorporated outside Canada, there are no obligations to file Annual Financial Statements.

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Company registration in United Arab Emirates: practical advice on choosing offshore or onshore UAE and opening bank account in UAE.

Why Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) companies are the most popular? If your business activity is not base in UAE, you don’t plan to buy real estate in UAE, inquire for residence permit, make deals with local UAE companies, then having a company in Ras al-Khaimah is the optimal decision, as the costs are much lower than for onshore UAE and there are nor requirements for financial reports, audit and share capital. If you are reviewing other UAE free-zones, you might find that Umm Al Quain free-zone is the most efficient of all. There are no requirement for audit and share capital in Umm Al Quain, unlike other free-zones. UAE banks have never being more demanded.CRS Standards push many clients to look for banks outside the EU. It is not easy to choose the right structure and bank. Let us help you solving this. Contact us.

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Most frequently asked questions about Limited Partnerships in Scotland (Scottish LP)

About filing accounts Company's act 1907 does not indicate among others requirement to file accounts with Companies House for the Scottish Limited Partnership. There is no information about reporting to Companies House in the act as there is no such requirement. Normally, in the acts are statements about what is required (what is not required, is not mentioned). We need to note that Scottish LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) must file the accounts as opposed to Scottish LP (Limited Partnership). About Taxation Limited Partnerships are tax transparent because each Partner/ Member is liable for taxes and the Partnership itself. As soon as the Partners of the Scottish LP are tax haven companies (in our case Seychelles IBCs) they are not taxed on income in their offshore zones. About Tax Return Scottish LPs are tax transparent and do not file accounts only if they do not trade on the UK territory. For such Partnerships you are to file NIL tax return to the UK Tax Services (HMRC). This service is included to the Annual Renewal package. VAT & EORI Registration Scottish Limited Partnerships composed of 2 offshore companies more likely will not get VAT number.

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Scottish Limited Partnerships at rate £1,100 per year (including nominee partners and apostilled documents with General Power of Attorney)

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